Braving the hijab

In Islam, the word ‘intention’ is a huge significance to every action we do and word we say. With good intentions come sincerity. Allah knows best of all our intentions.
This brings me to a news article my husband shared with me on a Malaysian model, Felixia Yeap, donning the hijab.

From the article, I gather that she had received many criticisms over it. Why? Because she is a non-Muslim.

I understand what she faces from her fellow non-Muslim social circle (be it if they come from her family or friends and etc.). But from Muslims too?

I am in no position to judge if she is sincere or not, but I’ll take her word from the article as it. Her intentions aren’t bad in any way at all.

Furthermore, how many Muslim sisters out there are not wearing their hijab? Or for us who wear them, do we really wear it because we want to and we understand its purpose?

It seems like Felixia knows and sees the significance of it better than some of us! And she is covering up with all the right intention and purpose in wanting to protect her modesty.
We are in no position to say she can’t because she’s not a Muslim. We should be praising and saying Alhamdulillah!

As a convert, I have to face my parents, relatives and friends about my conversion, let alone being able to wear my hijab in front of all of them (my parents and brother are okay with it now). I praise and am impress with the courage, bravery and strength that Felixia has possessed more than I do. For she has to face so many more people, and she did not back away from their criticisms. Masha’Allah!

Some people may say she has to take down her photos first. Logically, I don’t think she has the power or authority to remove all the photos she had taken before. She is making a change in her life and looking forward. She is stronger and more beautiful now!

It could be a publicity stunt or she decides to stop wearing it in the future, we don’t know for sure. One thing’s certain now is that we have one more lady covering her modesty, protecting her body and saving her beauty only for her loved ones.

Rather than throwing criticisms her way, I honestly feel that she deserves the praise for it. I have come from a similar background like she did – a major and huge change to wear the hijab. Despite her not being a Muslim, I am glad she is protecting herself as I am protecting myself.

As said earlier in this post, intention is extremely vital in everything we do. Felixia has the intention to cover herself to protect herself, her intention is to not let people see her through her physical appearance. It is a good intention and understanding of the purpose of hijab.

Let her embrace it! And who knows, it may be Allah’s way of guiding her. In shaa Allah!


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